In a world where many bands go to great lengths to describe their "sound", Loudlove chooses to simply invite you to listen to our music and make up your own mind as to what we are. We have been described as powerful, honest and genuine. Loudlove is a band with rock, reggae, blues and many other influences but all of that should be ignored. We would rather see the smiles and the sweat pouring off you as you dance to our music and enjoy the atmosphere at a Loudlove show. Loudlove

The proof of any artist is their live performance. Are they studio creampuffs or are they the real deal? Only one body can decide that and that body is you, the audience member, the fan, the crowd. So let's forego the pomp and circumstance, the posturing and the bullshitting. We invite you to listen to our music, come to a show and decide for yourself if you want to become a Loudlover or not. Besides, we will rock the shit outta you whether you want to or not. Sincerely, Your new favorite band, Loudlove.

Hans Levac

.Hans LevacBass, Vocals

Hans "the Hawkesbury crusher" Levac is a multitalented veteran musician, a songwriter and a great guy. The man can sing like a bastard, harmonize like an angel and plays panty stripping bass. Need we say more? Ladies, meet Hans, Hans, get em sweaty.

Dan Loach

.Dan LoachLive Drums

Dan is a talented veteran player who's skills as a player and class as a man made him the perfect fit for the Loudlove gig. His ass-wrangling grooves drive the Loudlove beast with authority and keeps her charging forever forward between the ditches of glory.

Peter MacKenzie Hammond

Peter HammondGuitar, Vocals, Studio drum tracks

Bigger than life and badder than the Devil... Pete Hammond is a ferocious 6' 3'' 240 pound frontman who commands the stage of whatever venue Loudlove is destroying. Full of fire and life, Pete is a songwriter who's goal is to make people feel good if only for a night.

Emile Leitch

Keyboards, Organ

Emile is a quiet guy who speaks with his hands. He is a rare breed of schooled musician who honed his craft from a very young age and once old enough began playing bars at night. Emile is a passionate veteran player who hangs it out there every night, everytime. Loudlove trully came alive when Emile joined the band. His keys added a dimension that would be missed if removed from the mix. His playing has brought a new power to the band and his creative onstage assaults make for wonderful, intense performances whenever Loudlove takes the stage.

Sean Hendy

Sean HendyGuitar

Sean "Too many nicknames" Hendy is a devastating guitar player. Sean and Pete played together in many bands and you can tell. Sean is a brilliant guitar player. His genius is in the subtle, beautiful parts he composes to compliment Pete's songs. That, and he can tear your head clean off when called to do so in a solo. A man who's heart is as big as his pants are tight, Sean Hendy is a treat to watch and hear live. He's also one swell sonofabitch. Oh yeah, he loves the Manchester United Football Club too.